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How to Improve Your Scoring Chances in the Slot


Apr 9, 2022


The slot is the area of the ice where the best scoring chances come from without a deflection. A small winger is often positioned in the slot and is able to shoot wrist shots with good accuracy. In a hockey game, the slot is often called the scoring area because defenders will lay big hits to a smaller player when he is in the slot. Here are some tips to improve your scoring chances in the slot.

The word slot is derived from the late 14c., and originally referred to a hollow in the throat, above the breastbone. It derives from Old French esclot, and Old Norse slod, which means “hole.” The term was first used to describe a hollow place in a person’s throat. The word slot was first recorded in the 1520s, and the term “slot machine” appeared in the 1880s.

When mapping slots, you can map specific words or phrases to a particular slot by using regular expressions. For example, the entity value “New York” may have synonyms Big Apple, NYC, and New York. Using these words as synonyms, the Dialog Engine understands when a user says “New York,” because NYC is mapped to New York. You can also add your own synonyms by entering them into the slot field and pressing enter. You can also delete them by hovering over the term and clicking the X to remove it.

Computers have expansion slots. These slots are used to add new hardware capabilities. They can accommodate PCI, AGP, and ISA cards. Most desktop computers have several slots. This makes it easier to expand your computer’s capabilities. By having an expansion slot, you’ll be able to add memory cards, video cards, or other hardware in the future. The slot is often present in old laptops and PCs and may be difficult to find in newer models.