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How Security Enhances the Casino Experience


May 5, 2022


Casino security starts from the floor of the casino and extends to every area of the building. Casino employees keep watch over each table, window and doorway, and monitor patrons to ensure no one is cheating. Dealers and pit bosses monitor each table, focusing on betting and cheating patterns to ensure a fair game. All casino employees are monitored by someone higher up. This way, any suspicious behavior or activity is quickly detected and dealt with.

The casino does not have any clocks, which would be an extreme fire hazard. Instead, it uses bright, cheery colors for its floor and wall coverings, and it makes it appear like it’s never going to end. Red is a popular color for decorating as it is believed to prevent people from keeping track of time. This is a good way for casinos to increase their repeat business. Casinos have a large investment in security, and this makes them more profitable.

While winning is a desirable goal, the desire to be in the “zone” is even more compelling. In this state of undiminished possibility, the casino offers a respite from daily problems, past trauma, and gambling debt. The casino industry has been honed by the efforts of an NYU professor who spent 15 years studying the gambling industry. According to the professor, 70 percent of casino patrons in Las Vegas use a loyalty card, which allows the establishment to track data on the hours and days that customers play, bet amounts, and win rates.